Who should I tell what??

When the Holy Spirit nudges... let's be honest here... convicts me of something, then I feel the need to encourage you in the same way.  No cute little story today, just us.  These are the moments when I think of you, dear "reader" friends and wonder what you doing when you come by - are you having a good day, is it early in the morning as you check email and maybe facebook and have only a quick second or two?  Is it late at night, when you are really ready for that extra moment of sleep?  Is it the middle of your day, when you are taking a bit of a break from work or maybe your precious little ones are taking a much needed nap?  I just wonder...

So for this moment, hear my heart - I so wish we had just ordered a yummy cup of coffee or tea, in a fancy cup.  We would embrace the warmth from the cup as we shared our thoughts together.

So who do I tell... what?  This is the challenge - as a friend approached me recently with the words, "Can you believe...", I felt that little sting.  Hmmm.  Was that really how it happened?  Words are ours for the taking, for the using, for however we choose them. How often do I begin a conversation with,  it was funny when... or this is crazy... or what do you really think about... 

When my kids were younger we chose a Bible verse each year that we would learn and try to live by.  For several years the verse was Ephesians 4:29:  "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen."  I was the mom after all, so I did get to determine the verse based on the needs of our family!  :) 

So we plastered that verse on construction paper and taped it to our wall.  We added to the verse, the following criteria about what could and could not be said or repeated:  Was the conversation or statement about to be made TRUE, NECESSARY, AND KIND?  If so, it could be said.

My conviction lately has reminded me of our wall hanging and, in particular the word: necessary.  I love to talk - I love to share good things!  There it is for me, anyway... Are the words I am about to share really necessary?  Will they build not only the listener, but anyone else, up according to their needs?  Will my words benefit those who hear and those about whom they are spoken?  I'm not talking about unkind or mean spirited words, just unnecessary.  I was just talking to Frank about this, and he agreed that sometimes we don't even realize where our conversations are headed. 

So my challenge for this week, this time is to choose my words carefully and graciously with the counsel and guidance of the Holy Spirit and the reminder to ask myself.... is it true, is it kind AND is it necessary?

Okay so... let's talk!


  1. I will take that challenge to heart. I will think of your thoughtful words throughout my day and listen more closely to my own words. I do look forward to your posts at all times of the day. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Oh Jill!! Such a treat to "hear" your sweet voice!!!