I dare ya....

Can I just start by telling was not my most shining parenting moment!  I WAS the Preschool Director after all.  I WAS called by some... the Principal - it would not be the goal of any child to be brought to my office by the teacher.  Our staff was the absolute best - the most patient, caring. loving so I knew that any child coming my way was in need of a change of scenery to encourage a change in behavior.

Imagine my surprise (well, we are talking about my Clay, here...) as I walked out of my office to see MY boy being "marched" toward me.  His head was a bit downcast... but something did look a little off... was the top of his head wet???  Hmmm.  As his teacher explained the scenario of what had taken place, I'm sure my embarrassed parent hat took over my level-headed director one.

It was restroom break time, so several of the boys were in the restroom...  As boys act like boys... there was a bit of playing around.  And then... the dare....  "I dare you, CLAY. to stick your head in the toilet.   Key word was... of course, you know... DARE!  Even at 4 years old, those were words that challenged!  So, without much thought, he did it... hence the walk to the director's office.  I can only imagine his thought as he made that long walk up the stairs, through the double doors, down the hallway to meet his Maker... me, that is!

I was mortified; I was embarrassed; I was furious; I was disgusted; I was... NOT interested in offering any grace, and I knew many were watching for my reaction.

First things first - in my mind, can you only imagine the germs that were having a hayday on top of his head.  So I took his chubby little hand, and we headed to the counter with the sink.  I used the only option I had Dial anti-bacterial hand soap, and I began to scrub his head.... and believe me, I really SCRUBBED - I was certain I would take care of all those said germs.

I had to work through all my levels of emotions before I could even begin to discuss his poor decision with him.  More than the decision to stick his head in the toilet was, of course, the process that went through his little brain BECAUSE he was dared - that was what escalated the importance of the decision for him.

We dealt with the immediate issues - wrong decision making, wrong thinking process.... but it was a reminder for us, as parents, and even still reminds us, that we have a great responsibility to teach our children not just to make good decisions, but WHY and HOW do we make decisions.  Now, don't think we sat down with our 4-year-old for an hour-long discussion about how we do or don't allow others to determine our decisions.

Lessons to be learned... for all of "us" children of God.  Our decisions must be grounded in the thinking and basis of Biblical principles, not what our culture, our society or maybe even our friends say or do.  We simply must allow ourselves time to hear from our Heavenly Father so that we can more clearly know His leading in our lives.  Jesus said it more than once... the most important one.. when asked, which is the most important commandment... Jesus replied with these words...

“The most important one is this: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." 

This most important commandment demands and requires our time.  So just for this week... spend an additional 15 minutes with your Heavenly Father... I dare ya!


  1. Awesome message somehow received between the laughing and picturing you scrubbing his head!! Love you girl!!

  2. Ditto Angie! This is definitely one story I hadn't heard yet and was thinking of my own son while reading it!

  3. oh so many stories... with that boy!! LOVE him!! God has taught me so much through him!!!

  4. Great reminder to give the how and why along with everything else! I can use this with my boys - and I fear, my girl too!