a beautiful rainy day that the Lord hath made...


a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh...

Not one drop of rain for 5 1/2 days.... :)  Thirty minutes before the wedding was scheduled to begin, the downpour came.  Kellie had said from the beginning that she was sure she wanted to be married on the beach... even if it rained - Tim agreed... but there we were.  Her sweet daddy, trying to encourage and help make the best plan, assured her that it was, in fact, pouring.  We need to move it inside, sweetie.  Her daddy has always been able to help, to fix things, to make it all seem a little better and a little brighter...  but her sweet daddy couldn't control the rain, so his thought was move to move the ceremony inside.  She frowned and respectfully disagreed with his thought.  So... let's head to the beach.  Graciously our sweet Heavenly Father allowed the rain to continue just until Frank uttered the famous words , "Susan and I" when asked who gives this bride to be married.  As Frank joined me on the front row, the rain ceased... for about 27 minutes until Tim and Kellie were pronounced husband and wife. 

The  torrential "showers of blessing" continued throughout the evening dictating the plan B indoor reception.  Surrounded by dear friends and precious family we celebrated the beginning to a lifetime of memories for our newlyweds! 

A thoughtful friend gently whispered through  my frizzed-out hair, "You know how at holidays everyone just wants to be close to each other to visit and laugh.  I nodded in agreement.  What room have we always said everyone gathers in... the kitchen, right?  Look around, we're all in the kitchen - laughing, celebrating, enjoying!

Thanks, friend, this is THE DAY that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it ... in sunshine and rain... in sickness and health.. whether rich or poor...

God be praised for THIS day!!


  1. Congratulations! The pictures are beautiful. It is hard to believe how quickly they do grow up. You and Frank are lucky parents. Continue to rejoice.