Wedding Day

Mollie, our youngest daughter, got married... April 8th, to her sweet Tolliver.  The day was filled with cherished memories made and precious moments experienced.  I've thought a lot about the joy that came along with her wedding day.   Family and friends joined us for the day.  Sunshine filled the day with brightness.  Mollie gifted Tolliver with a box of letters she had written for the past 8 years - simply addressed to her future husband... with the final one laid carefully atop the box addressed simply... to Tolliver.  He gifted her with a letter recounting their dating/engagement years with such hope as they began their married life together... (and a box holding the boots she wore in the wedding).  Watching Mollie touch the hand of Tolliver with a door between them as they prayed together without seeing each other before the wedding.  Watching Mollie tap her dad on the shoulder before the wedding to allow him a "first look" at her before the ceremony time.... Watching Tolliver do his very best... a bit unsuccessfully... to hold back the overwhelming emotion as Mollie walked down the aisle toward him... 
and a day filled with laughter...

As I've thought  of all our daughters, each one has focused on something specific leading to their day.  Katie, our oldest daughter, was concerned about something happening to her dress on her wedding day.  As I was moving her dress from one car to another, a praying mantis appeared on top of the car.  His bended knee reminded me with such tenderness that the day was blessed just as Katie and Chris placed their faith and now their marriage with Christ as the head.  
Kellie, our second daughter, married her Tim in Florida.  Her determined mind was adamant - no matter the weather, their wedding vows were to be said on the beach.  The rains came, their decision was firm - As Frank walked her down the sandy aisle, the rain ceased, and we celebrated their union reminding us all that though there will be storms in this life, some unexpected, our God has promised to walk with us never leaving us to weather the storm alone... 

Mollie wanted her blue blanket to be included in her special day.  Yes, her blanket.  "Blue", she has called it, since she was a little girl.  My grandmother made this special fleece blanket, and Mollie has held it tightly as long as we can remember...  "Blue" traveled everywhere with Mollie, from friends' slumber parties to grandparents' houses, to the hospital after seizures and then through appendectomy.  Of course, it went to college and to her first apartment.  There was sheer terror when we misplaced it.  That blanket was security; it brought comfort; it relieved panic.  It covered Mollie during fearful nights, during difficult heartbreak, through sadness and discouragement.  "Blue" was tattered and torn, barely a piece left.  Our dear friend, Miss Jean, had completed a few alterations on Mollie's dress, so we were talking with her about a possible addition.  Would there be a way to somehow attach a little square of "Blue" into Mollie's dress?  Miss Jean was up for the challenge and had just the perfect idea.  The picture on the left gives a beautiful view of Mollie's dress with no hint of the hidden treasure beneath the lovely layers of gorgeous white.  The "addition" was sewn into the lining of the dress in the perfect form of a pocket, an envelope with a snap enclosure.  "Blue" brought its own comfort and security to the day - 
Peace, security, comfort... 
reminded us in the wonderful, take your breath away, joy-filled moments 
 in the difficult, panic-stricken, take your breath away moments, our God covers us...

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.  Psalm 91:4


  1. How lovely... your family is blessed AND such a blessing to many of us��

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  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. It was a little bit of catching up!

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