God Moment

Coincidence... Divine intervention... God moment??

Whatever you choose to call them, they happen frequently... especially when we are keenly aware of them.  Sometimes we are offering that moment to someone else in something we say or do, and just as often we are being offered the glimpse that God is speaking through another person, a circumstance, or His word clearly to our heart.
A few weeks ago I was meeting a friend for breakfast at a popular local restaurant.  For once I was right on time.  Not finding her waiting, I asked to be seated and ordered a cup of coffee.  Looking to my right I noticed a group of ladies seated at a large table... I knew most of them from school - they were finishing up a training session. "Well", I thought, "my friend and I will need to adjust our conversation a bit, as I was in the middle of making a decision about a new career path that I felt God calling me to explore that certainly wasn't public knowledge now."  As I continued to wait several of the friends approached me with hello's, how are you's, and summer hugs! 
Only one in the group knew of my struggle with this possible change coming.  She whispered a question asking if I had made a decision, and I quietly responded that I was close but still praying for peace in the midst  of this new opportunity. My heart was sore and tender in realizing that saying yes to one good thing meant saying no to other good things - just like my Kellie in saying yes to her new fiance's proposal of marriage.
My sweet friend hugged me and whispered again... "Zechariah 2:5", then she slipped away.  Not sure about most of you, but Zechariah is not my "go to" book of the Bible for peace and comfort - it is at the end of the Old Testament right before Malachi!  Still waiting for my breakfast buddy and thankful for technology, I popped open the Bible app on my phone.., "And I myself will be a wall of fire around it", declares the Lord," and I will be its glory within."  Now Zachariah was prophesying about the city of Jerusalem, but those last six words welled up in my soul.  I was very concerned about what other people around me would think about my decision and that many would be disappointed in my choice, but in that moment, my sweet Lord reminded me that HE would be the GLORY inside me.  Just like Jesus said as He spoke at the end to His disciples, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you; not as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."  My definite God moment.  Thank you Father.
My coffee cup was empty... my late friend must have forgotten our time.  I dialed her cell phone, and when she picked up at the first ring, I asked, "so where are you?"  She quickly responded that she was finishing her first cup of coffee looking for me from the booth she was seated in at the front of the restaurant.  I walked to the front expecting to see her and assuming we would giggle outloud... she wasn't there.  "I don't see you", I chuckled, "where are you?"  We quickly realized that we were certainly IN the same restaurant, but we were seated in different location - she was eight miles away... She patiently waited as I drove to her location, and then shared my God moment with her.
He gently reminded my again, "I will be {your} glory within".  So where was your God moment this week?