Here comes the bride....

As I have had a couple of unexpected moments lately to contemplate and ponder, my thoughts have been flooded by memories and thoughts/prayers for Kellie (and Tim) as we will celebrate their wedding next week.

Indulge  this momma of the bride for just a moment with a quick stroll down memory lane....  Kellie was our 1989 baby who came bouncing into the world at 9 pounds 1 ounce.  She was the most content baby we have ever known - we often said the only trouble she offered was the fact that we had to carry her car seat along with us.  As a toddler, Kellie looked up to and always wanted to tag along with her "Sissy".  She was thrilled a few years later with a new baby sister to take care of and to mother.  Kellie was almost nine when Clay was born, and he was, almost immediately the love of her life.

Each of our children has taught me so many things about parenting, about patience and about how to love, and Kellie is no exception.  She has always been very organized; her favorite "chore" was to line up all the shoes in anyone's closet so that each pair was perfectly paired and in their proper place.  Kellie was and still is our creative fashion coordinator - she has the ability to put together an outfit or a room with few resources to achieve a beautiful outcome!

Kellie's first love language is that of giving and receiving gifts.  Her gift-giving is always thoughtful and intentional with much time spent in shopping, deciding on the perfect gift and even in packaging the gift.  She cannot wait for the recipient to open their chosen gift. 

As her dad and I send off to this new chapter of her life, we send her with much love, much respect and knowing full well that her strength of character and intense sense of right and wrong, black and white, will serve her well as she becomes wife and life partner to Tim.  Our prayer for both of them is that they will continue to grow in the Lord both individually and as a couple and the God will bless their marriage as they seek HIM first. 

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 1:4

Kellie, always my daughter, now to my sweet friend and encourager!  I love you!

Author's Note:  My unexpected moments have come during the week leading to Kellie's wedding as I broke my foot - and, yes, she is getting married on the beach...  another blog to come...

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