Today is a beautiful day – a beautiful, perfect day for a beginning.  Come walk with me, laugh with me, cry with me, run with me… some days, crawl with me.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea; let’s meet here when we can grab a minute to chat about our life, our joys, our challenges, our faith, our awesome God.  For me, it is a journey – a day by day, step by step, even moment by moment path.

For today, I have learned that I need my Heavenly Father’s love and guidance, my family’s support and encouragement, and friends – good friends, like you, to walk with – to learn with – to drink coffee with.  Coffee’s hot, pull up a chair and here we go.  So, how are you?

 Reading recently in the beginning of the Bible, Genesis that is, I am reminded of how many people and how many of their stories we can peek into.  Can you imagine a cup of coffee with Eve?  She might begin by telling us about the breathtaking piece of land she and Adam were living in the midst of.  Or Sarah, Abraham’s wife, can’t you hear her, “Girls, you are not going to believe the news I have – a baby, yes, we are having a baby!  And yes, I am too old, and yes, I laughed out loud, and I’m still laughing between the tears!  How about Noah’s wife – her first words might be, you will not believe the project my husband is working on today – a boat, what’s a boat, he is building a boat… I think he might be losing it!

Then we’d turn our conversation to the question, “Oh friend, how are you making it through this?”  These friends and so many others would simple drop their heads and gently utter, “By faith, sister, by faith.”  And so will we!