I recently had the opportunity to hear Susan Wilder speak at a women’s retreat. She was a dynamic speaker that kept the audience captivated with her unique blend storytelling and biblical teaching. There was no doubt that her life experiences have given her the opportunity to share her love of Jesus and encourage other women. I hope to have the opportunity to hear her speak again because not only did she leave me in stitches, she left me feeling closer to the Lord.
                                        Whitney Howard, Capital City Christian Church (2017)

I've always respected those who can quote scripture, but those who can speak honestly, from the heart, and in everyday language I can relate to, have impacted me for far longer. Susan Wilder did just that at a recent Women's Conference I attended at Capital City Christian Church in Frankfort, KY. Referencing scripture but speaking about her own struggles and setbacks and God's unexpected blessings, drove home the meaning of the rewards for trusting God. Her style was genuine, relatable, and uplifting and I left with a renewed sense of a positive outlook by trusting God's plan for me.
                                         Janie Staples, Capital City Christian Church (2017)

From the beginning of a phone conversation to the end of our Women’s Conference, it felt like Susan and I were old friends having a cup of coffee. She was able to create the same type of environment with the women, who attended our event. She encouraged our group with her blend of scripture and stories. Your group will be delighted by the connection they will have with Susan.

                    Todd Layne, Discipleship Minister, Capital City Christian Church (2017)

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