Her scarred/bleeding hands couldn't compare...

Are you a visual learner?  I am, and thankfully, God in His gracious nature, continues to teach me through His word, through others and definitely through circumstances/events in our family.

Two perfect pictures that our Father created for me to remind me clearly of the sacrifice that was offered through our Savior, His son, Jesus.

Now I would never begin to compare any of my children to the perfect Son of God, but these pictures were clearly painted through the tender moments with each one.

The first came just hours after Katie (then 4 years old) had experienced open heart surgery to correct a heart defect.  The surgery had gone well, and she had was progressing through the recovery room and then into a regular room as expected.  During the night she spiked a fever and the concern was, of course, infection.  After several hours of bloodwork every 30 minutes to monitor specific numbers, it was determined that an X-ray was necessary.  So she was wheeled down to X-ray with 102 temperature and an extremely weak and tired little body.  The technician allowed me to stay in the room with her.  As I watched from a distance, the technician stood her against the wall and asked that she raise her arms above her head.  Her fresh stitches covering a thin line from the middle of her chest stretching to just under her arm were raw and painful.  She was so weary that as she stood, her head slumped just a little resting her chin on her chest.  As an aching momma would, I begin to pray and weep a bit at the sight of her...  I couldn't take or fix this hurt for her. 

Then I saw her tiny precious hands... above her head, and it took my breathe away.  Try to see this with me.  Because of the challenges that a nurse had experiencing with iv's, she had been "stuck" numerous times on the top of both hands.  As I observed the "iv" scarred/bleeding hands, I was totally overwhelmed.  I certainly couldn't compare the pain/suffering that Katie had experienced to the nails that were driven into the hands/wrists of Jesus, but it was a tender clear picture for me.  HE chose to accept the will of HIS Father to pay for my sins.  I loved that baby girl standing there with all my heart and can honestly say, I would have taken every ounce of her pain from her if I could have.  My thoughts, then and now, go the our Heavenly Father as HE allowed the death of His perfect Son as a sacrifice for all of us... HE was the perfect Son, without blemish.

The second came with Mollie.  It was the Thursday before Easter, 2004.  She was 10 years old and was so very pumped that on this day, her 4th grade class was to visit the capitol in Frankfort.  It was a trip that every 4th grader looked forward to and talked about all year!  She was up early before 5:00 am.  I assumed because of her excitement, but I soon realized that something was terribly wrong.  She was experiencing extreme, the kind that you can't stand up with, pain.  After many tears and much discussion, we headed to the hospital to later learn that her appendix needed to be removed.  She did great after the surgery and was totally determined to attend Easter Sunday services.  The reminder of the joy of the resurrection of Jesus, came to me on Friday afternoon.  Mollie was released from the hospital on Friday morning because she was progressing so well.  I received a call from her precious 4th grade teacher, Mrs. D. that afternoon.  Her words brought much food for my thought. 

"We went to the hospital to see Mollie this afternoon.  As we entered her room, the covers were thrown back, disheveled.  She was obviously not here.  A nurse came in to let us know that she was gone.  We are so happy to know that she is already home..."

"He is not here; He is risen, just as He said."  Sunday is coming... He is risen.. He reigns.. He loves us with a love that gave His life for us.  All the saints in Heaven never stop saying,

Holy, Holy, Holy
is the Lord God Almighty,
who was, and is and is to come!
You are worth, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for You created all things,
and by Your will they were created and have their being.

Celebrate HIS resurrection this weekend like never before... no matter your circumstance, no matter your frustration, no matter your challenge.. HE is RISEN, INDEED, and all the people said...


  1. As I was getting a mental picture of Katie's experience and your reaction my thought went to Mary, Jesus earthly, very human Mother. God spoke to Mary from the time she conceived him; explaining how special and important a MAN he was going to be on Earth. Did she ever realize sacrifice she was going make and the cruel death of her first born would suffer? I cannot imagine she as a human could comprehend that this was part of God's plan for us!
    I sure she understands it all perfectly now.
    I pray everyday to rely on my faith to assure me I will understand all the cruel ways people die on this earth. I don't understand why some humans suffer so much before God takes them; but I can't as a human. I will wait for the revelation when I am on the other side and no longer human.
    I am blest that as a Christian, Easter is everyday for me, because I serve a RISEN savior!

  2. Thanks, Jill - I totally agree!!! Dr. Hollon influenced so many of us in such a positive, intentional way!!