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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak at a Women's Event at Perryville First Baptist Church in Perryville, Kentucky.  Many of you may know that my parents grew up in that area - my mother in Perryville and my dad in Danville.  My grandparents sat on the next to the last row every Sunday in worship right after Sunday School that my dear grandmother taught for 50 years!  So the church has such sweet significance for me.  I remember sitting between Granddaddy and Grandmother as we sang Victory in Jesus and The Old Rugged Cross.

The theme of the event was simply Seasons of a Woman's Life...they decorated the tables in different seasonal attire - some with Christmas decor for winter, orange and brown leaves and pumpkins for the fall tables... you get the idea!  It was a grand time.  I had really just begun my "planned" oracle as a gentle lady in the back, stood quickly to her feet uttering with great gusto, "I just got a message, and I HAVE to share it!"  At first I wasn't sure if the message came directly from the Lord or not, but I was as anxious as the entire room to hear the message.  She took a deep breath and shared about a young woman in the church who was in the hospital for what most thought, including the young woman, would be a routine surgery.  The doctor had quickly informed the family that significant amounts of what looked to be cancer were discovered.  Treatment plans and additional surgery had followed quickly.  The message that came was from the young woman's husband stating that test results had just come in, and they did not show any additional cancer... not at all what the doctors had expected!  We cheered and clapped, a few tears of joy were shed... and we stopped to give thanks to God.  So we got back on track..

We were moving right along already into "season #2" when the glaring blaring sirens began...  increasing to the point that I expected the firetruck to drive right through the back door of the Fellowship Hall halting at my little music podium within seconds.  We knew something big and likely something bad was happening just outside.  I had tried to plow through my thoughts, but we were all beginning to assess whether we needed to take immediate cover from some ensuing danger.  Before we could even form words, the pastor and one of our hostesses burst through the back door with news of a terrible accident on the bridge literally just steps away from the church.  A semi-truck had collided with a motorcyclist - the initial report was serious and grave.  We stopped as we gathered our thoughts and our breath, and without hesitation, we bowed our hearts to ask for help for the drivers, the EMS staff, the police officers, the families involved, and for mercy and peace for all.

That was all in the first hour of the morning.  As I have thought back over the day's events, I was again reminded of the reality that we truly do NOT know what a day will bring - Frank and I have often stated and realized through experience that in raising children, we are all just one phone call away from a life changing moment.

I have been reminded recently with such tenderness that I serve a gracious God who demands my fear... yes, my fear, of Him.  The Bible is clear about His power and His majesty.  He deserves our awe, our respect and our FEAR!  Isaiah 6 tell us that as God came to him, he just knew he was done!  In his fear, Isaiah quickly responded, "Woe to me!  I am ruined!  For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the KING, the Lord Almighty!"  The angel of the Lord, quickly came to him with a live coal, touching his lips saying, "see this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for!"  WOW!  What a testimony.  Then we read those famous words as the Lord asked, Whom shall I send and who will go for us?".. Isaiah responds without hesitation... "HERE AM I... SEND ME!"

Our days are filled with distractions, may I just encourage you with this thought... God knows exactly where you are this very moment, and HE is with you.  Trust HIS leading - lean on His promise to be before you, beside you, and right behind you, whispering in your ear.... turn to the left or the right!"
Be still enough at some time during the day to hear HIS voice!

We begin our study on Monday evening at 6:30 at Simpsonville Baptist of Walking by Faith   - its not too late to join this 7 week journey!  I'll be looking for you!

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