If you happened to see me in the past couple of weeks and asked me how everything was going, your question was likely met with a sentence including the word "overwhelmed".  Many of you know that I started teaching again, and no matter how prepared you are, the beginning of a school year is just. well... overwhelming.  
Overwhelmed with circumstances... and needs... and responsibilities... all the "things" I need to do. 
 I remember using those same words a couple of weeks after Clay was born.  We both had an extremely rough delivery, and truth be told, I got the worst of it.  Due to an infection, I ended up back in the hospital for an extended stay while Frank and my mom kept our home running barely missing a beat.  When I finally was able to come home, I was weary and exhausted -  overwhelmed with circumstances... and needs.. and responsibilities... all the "things" I needed to do. I felt totally out of control with little thought of how I would really get it all together and raise these precious four children...  My wise father reminded me that I really only had one option... lean on Jesus, and take one day at a time.

Just this week as I was headed somewhere to do something I needed to do, I was overwhelmingly reminded of God's presence and provision in my life and in my circumstances.  I was listening to the radio, not paying so much attention... but then I heard the words... "I am overwhelmed.."  The station I was listening to is a local Christian radio station, so I was intrigued as I heard those words repeated again...I am  overwhelmed... I am YOU...  captivated by Your beauty... God, I run into your arms, unashamed because of mercy...  I know the power of the cross...  All that YOU have done is so OVERWHELMING.  I delight myself in YOU;  You are GLORIOUS!!
In that moment my entire thought process was immediately focused on every tree, every bird, each sun ray.... I don't believe I heard the audible voice of our Father, but His Spirit certainly astonished me with gentleness, "Oh my precious daughter, it is MY plan for you to be overwhelmed... not by circumstances or your to-do list, but with MY presence."  I pulled my car over because I was so shaken by HIS reminder.  Isn't that HIS plan for all of us.  
I spent some time in Mark chapter 7 today as it is the only New Testament passage that I could find where most commentators agree that the word hyperperissos (which means beyond measure astonished).  Jesus had just healed many people, and now a man who was deaf and mute was brought to Him.  Jesus healed him after looking toward Heaven.  As He had done before, Jesus told the people not to tell anyone about the miracle.  My version says, "they just kept talking about it, because they were [hyperperissos] overwhelmed with amazement."  
I am overwhelmed with amazement when I think about the God we are honored to call Father, His power, His majesty, His unfathomable love for us, aren't you? 

I read again today Revelation 4-5 and just tried to breathe in the glory that John did his best to describe to us of the praise and adoration that will take place when we reach Heaven.  Thousands upon ten thousands of angels... singing in a LOUD voice, praising the Lamb of God.  
So my prayer is that in the coming weeks, when you see me or text me, call me, or email me, you will still hear me say... I am overwhelmed... not with my to-do list, but with the God of the Universe - His power, presence and provision in my life!  Join me in the world of overwhelmed, won't you?? 

 Please enjoy the youtube link below of the song I referenced... 

Video for overwhelmed christian songOverwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave


  1. Overwhelmed...a word I have used so much this whole year in this season of what has felt very overwhelming for me. Thank you Susan for encouraging me to reflect instead on the overwhelming grace in my life, reminding me to let it overtake me more than anything worldly could ever overwhelm me.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with me!!! HE is sufficient!