The one thing

What is your absolute priority?  The thing that you schedule everything else around... the thing that you are willing to forgo all other commitments for...  the thing that will not be let go. 

For some it is that every 5-week  haircut appointment - it cannot be missed.  If so, there are consequences to be paid causing "bad" hair days until the appointment is rescheduled and attended.  Might be a mandatory weekly staff meeting; well, we have no choice, of course, it's in the job description, right?  Maybe it is your morning make-up routine... in the same order, with the same timing every day...

For years one of Frank's "one things" centered around Monday, his day off.  (He owned a retail store, so Saturdays were mandatory!).  Every Monday, without fail for the entire school year, he would run through the Wendy's drive-thru, ordering the same thing each week - a kid's chicken nugget meal with a frosty and 10 packets of ketchup.  Every time he would "train" one of the drive-thru attendants to truly believe he needed 10 packets of ketchup, a new server would be hired, and he would train a new one... yes, 10 packets of ketchup... that's how many Mollie needs.  Every Monday morning her question was the same, "Dad, are you coming today?"  Every Monday morning his answer was, "Did I come last week - yes I did and yes I will be there today."  I don't believe the question came because Mollie didn't trust her dad; I think it came because she so looked forward to it.. not just to the ketchup, but to her dad's adoring attention. 

I continue to study and love the story of Mary and Martha as Jesus came for dinner at their house.  You remember... Martha was busy with the preparations, distracted with the work - the things that had to be accomplished.  Mary chose to avoid the distractions and focus on the one thing - her seat at the feet of Jesus, her relationship with Him.  Gently Jesus reminded Martha by calling her name, "Oh, Martha, Martha, you worry about too many things.  Mary has found the one thing, and I won't take that from her."  I hear the kindness in Jesus' voice as He directed Martha away from distractions.

A little later when their brother, Lazarus, become ill, Mary and Martha were distraught with grief.   They immediately sent a message to Jesus to come quickly.  Too late, Jesus finally (in their minds) arrives.  Lazarus has been laid to rest in his tomb for several days.

When Jesus arrives, it is Martha who drops everything and runs to meet Him... longing for His compassion and His comfort.  - Mary stayed in the house. 

Martha had questions... "Why weren't You here?  You could have saved him!"

Her relationship with Him was clear - a deep, abiding love, full trust, which come with commitment to that relationship.  She had learned and put into practice what Jesus taught her during His earlier visit.  Jesus called for Lazarus, and he was raised from the dead. 

Are we learning?  Do we long desperately for the one thing?  We sometimes make it all so complicated, don't we??  It's just JESUS.... calling out to Him; listening to Him through His word, through the Holy Spirit... abiding... being intentionally with Him.  Before your feet touch the floor each morning, before you check your phone, check your email, before the day begins...

Invite Jesus to rule and reign over this day,
to guide each step you take,
take the step.
 have the faith to follow Him and the openness to allow Him to lead.

There were many things that Frank could have been doing at 11:45 a.m. on any given Monday, believe I had a running list, but I could guarantee his location without fail!!
Place your name below in the place of Martha... only one thing, _____________

Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.  Luke 10:41-42


  1. as so many times is the case, your words made an impact on my day. thank you, Jill