Total Makeover...

1991 - 2 little girls at home, just recently moved to Louisville - Frank won a trip to La Jolla, California based on a sales contest at work.  We were anxious about being away at the same time... so much so, that we made a needed attorney appointment, created a will, and left it lying on the kitchen table - for quick reference!  :)
We joined many others in the gorgeous city of La Jolla for 5 days of unbelievable, luxurious, pampering complete with fabulous accommodations.  Choices for us each day were special excursions including a trip to the zoo, a hot air balloon ride around the city (yes, we did that!), and one specific day - the guys headed off to a local golf course and the ladies were whisked away to an entire day at the Spa.
 Treated like Esther preparing to visit the King, we were offered every option imaginable to encourage us to feel refreshed, rested, and renewed - new women!  Choices included every "beauty" option I knew along with a long list of "services" that I surely needed.  Along with a couple of other brave ladies, I chose the "total package", which included as many options that could be fit into the amount of time we were there.  The day was glorious for me - manicure, pedicure, Swedish massage, some kind of stone massage, facial... now remember, I was 29 years old at the time, so I opted out of the "wrinkle" services... oh to have that option today!!!  Interestingly at the end of the day, I felt like a limp noodle.  To use the word, RELAXED, isn't even close.  Honestly, I was so refreshed, relaxed, renewed, refined... I could barely walk.  We were returned to our husbands just an hour or so before dinner. Frank expected me to beam with excitement, full of energy, glistening with refreshment.  Instead I met him with the words, I need a nap!  :) 
It was a total makeover, for sure, but it wore me out.  Recently I have enjoyed a Bible study time led through video with Jennifer Rothschild called, "Walking by Faith, Lessons Learned in the Dark".  It has been a glorious time of renewal, refreshment and challenge as we have walked through specific times in our own lives of facing darkness and challenges.  Each week we have been reminded of the goodness and faithfulness of God.  This week has been especially encouraging for me as we looked at Moses when God called him... and, I mean, really called him, by name, with a specific, albeit daunting task in Exodus 4:1-17.  Moses needed a bit of convincing of the power of God, so God used what Moses had - his staff and his own hand.  God asked that he throw down his staff - it became a snake; God asked that Moses place his hand in his cloak - it became leprous.  Still Moses, questioned, with "pardon your servant, Lord?"  showing his fear and lack of confidence... not just once, but twice!  Come on Moses... this is your total makeover time - GOD is calling you right here, right now for this specific named purpose!  So, in HIS gracious patience and plan, God let Moses know that Aaron would be joining him.
My "stiff-necked" self wants to give Moses a large piece of my mind in discipline and "seriously, what were you thinking???", but then I hear my patient, gracious Lord remind this flailing, challenged-in-obedience daughter, by whispering, "Susan, Susan", and then HE waits... to hear my response.  May it be... "Here am I, Lord, send me!"

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the reminders. I am glad the Bible Study is speaking to you and you are passing it on.