It's all about time...

3 years later at Katie's wedding...

 Not exactly by our choice, but in God's design for our family, our children are a little spread out in age.  Katie was almost 11, Kellie was 8, and Mollie was 3 1/2 when Clay was born.   Katie was in sixth grade and had just begun all the school and church activities that accompany middle school.  How the time flew as Clay toddled through the baby and preschool years. 
We made the mistake that so many parents do... we blinked... we just blinked and Clay was ready to head to first grade.  That same year, right after we blinked, Katie was headed to Murray State University to begin her freshman year.  Talk about ripping a momma's heart right out! 
Katie would say that she should get half the credit for raising Clay, as she was truly a built-in babysitter and such a big help when Clay was so young.
Honestly my saddest thought (among many others :)) about Katie going to college was centered around her relationship with Clay.  He was so young when she left, and I was so very concerned that they would really not even know each other...
My fears were so tenderly put to rest one afternoon as I picked Clay up from school.  He had lost his second tooth that day,  so that meant, he proudly carried his prize, the tooth, in a little plastic container.  If I'm remembering correctly, the container was shaped like a tooth and had a red string so that he could wear it like a necklace.  He was beaming from ear to ear.
He hopped in the car and rattled off the important announcements from school that day... who played with who on the playground, who sat by who at lunch, what color his name was on at the end of the day, and then the grand finale... "LOOK Mom, I lost a tooth today!"  We celebrated as he filled me in on all the details. 

And then, he melted my heart...  his words were simple, but sure.  "I need your cell phone, Mom, I HAVE to call Katie and tell her!"  I knew their relationship would be just fine, and it was and is!
Every time I think of that story, I am reminded of what constitutes a good relationship.  More and more I believe that it has absolutely everything to do with time!  Katie had spent time with Clay playing catch, pushing him on the swing, reading to him... and, at times, just sitting next to him watching Rescue Heroes and listening to Focus on the Family Adventures in Odyssey tapes. 
It works the same way with our Heavenly Father, doesn't it?  James put it so simply for us in
James 4 verse 8,
Come near to God and He will come near to you.
HE desires to spend time with us, to hear about our day, to listen to our concerns, to speak to our hearts, to just BE with us.  Try it this week.... just an additional 15 minutes of time for just you and your Abba Father... Look forward to sharing your big story of the day with HIM... He cares so deeply for you!

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