Finish fishing

 Frank loves to fish.  Frank loves his grandchildren.  So Frank loves to take his grandchildren fishing.  Recently on a beautiful morning, he invited Ryder (our 4-year-old grandson) along to throw in a line!

Thirty minutes in... the trip was deemed successful as Ryder had reeled in 10 fish ALL. BY. HIMSELF.  As the 11th fish was being taken off the hook, in Ryder's words, "PopPop hooked my finger!"

There was a moment of distress as a drop of blood emerged.  Determined to be brave, Ryder fought hard to maintain his composure.  PopPop gently whispered, "Buddy, it's okay to cry; I know your finger hurts." Permission granted... tears flowed...  ice applied to finger.

Frank waited and a few moments, then asked, "Hey Ryder, do you want to go home now,  It's okay if you do."

Ryder wiped his eyes, and offered a resolve reply. "Oh no, PopPop, I want to finish fishing."

As I listened to Frank, and then Ryder, recount their experience, I so identified with Ryder's thought and emotion.

Go with me for a moment.

Walking with Jesus, following His lead, surrendering to His will is always the best option.  It doesn't always feel like the easiest option.

Recently, we've walked through a difficult health issue.  Not our first difficult health issue and likely not our last.  

Weariness had engulfed me - both physically and emotionally.  I found myself tearful, overwhelmed and discouraged.  Trying to maintain, I clung to the idea of yes, holding it all together.  Not aloud, but certainly with "loud" clarity, I heard, it's okay to cry; I know this hurts.  Moments, well really, hours later, my decision crossroads came.  For me, the question was a need for resolve.  Did I trust my Heavenly Father to walk with me, to lead me, to offer His will and purpose in this moment?  Resolve is a great beginning, but I knew my strength was lacking; I simply could not pull myself up by my bootstraps.

Truth I know reminded me,  "He said, 'My grace is all you need.  My power works best in weakness." That reality comes directly from Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9.

My resolve was simple.  Our God is trustworthy.  I do trust Him.  And then my prayer simply became, "Help me trust Your grace, Your strength, Your power in my weakness".

I think I could have uttered, "Heavenly Father, I want to finish fishing."

Friend, what about you?  Are you at a point of simply needing permission to cry, to cry out, to express discouragement, to admit that you are experiencing hurt?  

Are you in the midst of realizing your decision-making point of resolve, or needing to acknowledge weakness and the power in God's strength?

His grace, His power, His strength is always available to His children.  He created you, He loves you, He knows your hurt, He calls you by name.

Ryder knew his PopPop was trustworthy.  Frank  heard his hurt and comforted him in it. When the decision to finish fishing came, Ryder's weakness was made strong through his confidence in Frank.

Join me, won't you.  I'm choosing to finish fishing.. knowing the One who called a motley crew of fishermen to simply follow HIM... who changed the world.

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