On the way...

I rarely meet a stranger.  Frank would say I never meet a stranger.  Striking up a conversation comes easy most all the time.

So here we are March Madness in Kentucky.  Chris, our son-in-law has been coaching boys' high school basketball for six years, and this year marked his third trip to the high sweet sixteen.  Frank and I had tickets that were great - just three rows from the floor.  As we sat down, we realized we were very close to the opposing team's fans.  It was clear that we were surrounded by the "other" team.  Now, Frank (and I, occasionally 😏) are excitable and sometimes a bit vocal in our cheering for the team.

As I assessed our seating, I realized the couple sitting next to us looked about our age and weren't wearing the opposing team's colors.  I knew that wasn't a guarantee, so I decided to simply "strike up the conversation".

"So, who are you cheering for tonight?"  I asked.

"No one really, just watching."  He replied.

Enter my opportunity to gain a fan for our team....

"Well," I pointed toward the players' bench, "See the guy in the blue coaching shirt... that's my son-in-law.  He's a great coach.  He's a fine young man.  He and my daughter have been married almost ten years.  They gave us our 3 precious grand boys.  Did I mention he's a wonderful coach?  Yes, I did.  Well, I hope you will cheer with us.  We'll try to keep ourselves in control."

He smiled and congratulated me (and the team) for making it to this second round of the tournament. And then he pointed, "See that guy down on the floor with the camera.  He's my son-in-law, and he's a great guy, very talented.  He takes the pictures for state high school athletics."

The game began... our new friend actually cheered with us for our team.  He gasped right along with us as our team struggled to to rebound and shoot.  t was reasonably clear by halftime, that this just wasn't going to be our game.  Once again he congratulated "us" on making it to the second round of the sweet sixteen tournament.  As we slipped out of our seats headed toward the door, I was gently reminded... it was very easy to strike up that conversation about that "guy over there in the blue shirt".   You see, I know him well... I am comfortable talking about him, because I know about him.   I've spent time with him -  He's a part of our family.

Just stopped to think about that... Tell Someone is a great book, written by Greg Laurie.  His challenge:  tell someone about Jesus... you know Him; you spent time with Him - in His word, in conversation with Him through prayer; you know about Him.

It is really good news that our son-in-law coaches a team that made it to the state tournament.

It is the gospel... the good news of Jesus, that we have the privilege to freely share with others.  That news is the life-giving, eternal and forever, best news that we can tell.

Honor Christ and let him be the Lord of your life.  Always be ready to give an answer when someone asks you about your Hope.  1 Peter 3:15


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