Snow baby... no really, I mean a snow baby!

Recently we have been clearly reminded of the beauty of snow - not to mention the beauty, for those of us in the education world, of a SNOW DAY!  I remember my sisters and I gathering around the TV impatiently waiting as they filed through the counties that were to close that day.  We lived in Putnam County so we had to wait through half the alphabet - it always seemed like the first half of the alphabet had more counties than the second half!

With his permission, I share an amazing story with you!  During the February snow storm our friend, Mike, was out doing everything he could to help anyone who needed it.  You see, he has what everyone needs during 10+ inches of snow - a powerful truck with a snow plow attached and a willingness to "go above and beyond the call of duty".  It was 2:30 a.m., and Mike had been out for hours, hoping to head home.  Traveling back across a county road, he noticed a car that looked to be stuck at the bottom of a driveway... not unusual for cars to be stuck at the bottom of a driveway, but he noticed there was someone sitting in the car.  He pulled up, got out of his truck and gently knocked on the driver's window.

 She was startled at first, but he assured her that he was there to help.  Sharing of her dilemma, stuck and unable to get up the driveway, she wasn't panicked but thankful for the offer of help.  Her husband was at work, so with his help on a cell phone giving direction to "find" the driveway, Mike was prepared to push her car up to the house.  As he started to walk away from the car, he heard her scream.  From his vantage point outside the car, he hadn't even noticed; but as she turned in her seat, it was clear - she was most definitely pregnant.  And in her words, "oh my goodness, this baby is coming now!"  

Thankfully Mike raises cattle and had delivered many calves; he was as prepared as he could be.  They were able to call 911, but there was no waiting.  Mike delivered a healthy baby boy - a snow baby!  He later received a call that the couple was naming their son... Michael!

He could have passed right on by without as much as a thought for a stranded motorist... the car was in the driveway after all!  I'm not much on fate...  I am a firm believer in God's define plan of placing just the right person at just the right place for His perfect purpose, and I believe that is what He did with Mike on that snowy evening.

 I've been participating in a Bible study from the book of Judges about the story of Gideon.  You know Gideon was just a normal guy, not terribly confident in himself or even in God.  His family had actually began worshiping Baal, but an angel of Lord met Gideon on the threshing floor where he was simply working to provide food for his family.  God had a specific plan for Gideon to save the Israelites from the huge Midianite army - the army that the Bible says was "thick as locusts".  Gideon was hesitant to put it mildly - he asked the Lord numerous times for specific signs to prove that it really was God speaking to him.  His time to lead had come! Gideon wasn't a qualified military leader nor was that his desire or goal, but God chose him for this very time for this very task.  Mike surely would never have defined himself as a snow baby deliver, but there he was.

What about you?  Is God directing you to a specific task right now?  Without God's help and guidance, Gideon could never have defeated the Midianites.  Without God's help I don't believe Mike would have been at that very place and been 'qualified' or maybe even confident enough to handle that special deliver.  I have found that sometimes God gives us time to think through a decision, to weigh the pros and cons, to explore all the possible options of a situation, but then are those times when HE places us there for this very time.   Even today, be keenly aware of God's presence and direction in your life.  I'm praying for you right now.
When Gideon was convinced, he clearly followed.  Don't you agree that even being convinced that God was with him, it still didn't make much sense to head down with 300 to attempt to defeat the vast Midianite army. Gideon modeled for us:

When Gideon heard the dream and its interpretation, he bowed down and worshiped.  He returned to the camp of Israel and called out, 'Get up!  The Lord has given the Midianite camp into your hands!
Judges 7:15-16

Let's go, friends!!

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