"Oh Susan"... from my Mother

Katie, Kellie, Granny (my mom), Mollie, Me

Not sure when those moments happened... as my mother took each different name... Mommy to Momma to Mom to Mother.  Interesting, isn't it?  My mother truly has always been and still is my greatest cheerleader, my always available listening ear, and my spiritual mentor.  I try, each year, to find just the perfect card to convey how very much I love, honor and treasure her, but this year I just couldn't find it.  Most of the cards I send have an abundance of words (imagine that!) as I try to capture how I feel.  This year's card was simple and included only a few words... "Thank you that I can always lean on you."  And lean I do...
As I think back through the many years that I listened (sometimes more intently than others) to my mother's thoughtful calm voice.  Often her words came when I was in a panic or something was terribly wrong.  For instance when I was 16, without a license, wrecked my friend's car, and my parents were called to come to the Emergency Room.  As relieved as she was to get to me, her "oh, Susan", offered me comfort and floods of emotion.  Then I told her I was driving the car.  Once again, "oh, Susan" this time bringing a different level of comfort convincing me that it would be okay.  When she received the call that I was experiencing a miscarriage, her "oh, Susan" made us both shiver with tears and sadness, all the while feeling some semblance of comfort.

Her reaction to the fact that our 4th baby had just "proven" himself on ultrasound to be a strapping baby BOY - her "oh, Susan" brought laughter and joy and celebration..

With the inflection in her voice of that two-word phrase, she brings me a level of comfort and closeness that I cannot explain.  I often equate my thoughts to the way Mary Magdalene must have felt when she was sobbing at the tomb of Jesus wondering where they had taken his body.  You see, often the words of my mother have come when I was sobbing or distraught.  Jesus' words, I believe, came gently, tenderly and softly, "Mary" maybe even "oh, Mary".  She immediately recognized His voice and was overcome with relief and comfort.  If earthly folks can be called saints, my mom is number one on the list.  She is a giver; I really believe she begins each day asking the Lord who needs her help most today, and then she heads that direction.  It's often a meal to be taken to an older shut-in (she is a healthy 73 years young, you know), a phone call to an ill friend or a struggling young mom (she does NOT text), a trip with a friend who doesn't drive chauffeuring to the pharmacy, the grocery store, or just out for a drive or lunch.  She chooses to offer that same, "oh, Susan" to others... just changing the name as she goes.

As today we honor our mothers, I am thankful beyond words for my mother - she IS the Proverbs 31 woman, and I can honestly say, her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren call her blessed.

Oh, Mother.. I love you...


  1. Beautiful Picture! Great keepsake.

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