God knew...

I used to sing a song during our Preschool Chapel - one verse started:  My mouth is filled with laughter - Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-.  My mouth is filled with laughter - Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  My mouth is filled with laughter - Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  The joy of the Lord is my strength.  we would "hold our bellies" and always ended up just laughing together - and it was JOY!!!  God knew~

In our house, sometimes we laugh WITH each other and sometimes we laugh AT each other! 

1990 - Frank and I had prayed diligently about moving from South Carolina back toward home and family.  Although we had been blessed with a wonderful church and the very best friends, we longed for home and family as our children (2 girls at the time) grew up.  Thankfully, God provided for the quick sale of our house, which meant we needed a place to live for 6 weeks as I finished a semester of teaching.  Those very best friends suggested we move in with them for that "short" time.  So, we did - They also had 2 girls, and it was a grand plan that worked amazingly well!  We were all up and out of the house by 7:00 am; we took turns cleaning and cooking.  We laughed together... a lot!!

The morning that we were to leave was dreadfully sad!  We all cried as Bert and Lori left for work.  Frank and I stood there just looking at each other trying to decide when to get in the car and what kind of note or thank you gift to leave.  As we tearfully stood in the kitchen, Frank came up with a great idea.

 I began to giggle through my tears and agreed it was the PERFECT plan.  We headed to the local Food Lion to make our purchase - we received many funny looks and questions as we checked out.  We needed two carts and a couple of extra bags to haul our stash to the car.

You see, anytime any of us left the house during that six weeks, the same directive followed them, "don't forget to pick up paper towels... we are out AGAIN!"

So, yes you guessed it, we bought 50 rolls of individually wrapped paper towels.  We spent the next hour laughing our heads off as we hid each roll in every place you can imagine... the bathtub, under the couch, in each bed, in all cabinets, in the fireplace, on top of the ceiling fan... you get the idea.  Then we jumped in our rental truck and headed to Louisville. God knew~

Our sweet friends came home, as they told us later, dreading even opening the door to a quiet empty house.  Almost immediately they began finding our hidden gifts.  For weeks they would call us each time they found a new roll in an unexpected place.  We still laugh about the fun!

As I think about our move to Louisville, it was filled with unexpected laughter and joy.  We really did think that we were coming just because of our desire to be closer to family.  Less than six months later, we found out that Katie, our 4-year-old needed open heart surgery.  Can you just imagine where the best pediatric cardiac surgeon in the country was practicing medicine at that time... Louisville, Kentucky.  God knew~

Recently a friend shared with me a portion of Exodus 2:25... simply this, "God knew".  The context surrounds the time when God visited Moses to let him know that he would be headed back to Egypt for the God-sized task of leading the Israelites to the promised land.  God had heard their cries for help and knew.  Some versions say He was concerned; He acknowledged; He remembered.  Now I realize this thought of our all-knowing Heavenly Father is NOT a surprise, but it IS a glorious reminder.  I am so thankful that He knows each tear, each giggle, each fear and each joy, and He promises HIS presence.

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.  Psalm 126:2
and all the while.. God knows... Trust HIM with your laughter and your sadness...

Hey, can somebody, go pick up some paper towels??

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