so very busy

I've missed you, friends!  Many of you know how much I love to write, how much I love to share what I am learning from God's word, from others, and from circumstances... its is joy for me!

This fall has been F.U.L.L!  What about you?  Can you really believe we've just turned the calendar page to November - you realize November is the 11th month of the year... the one right before December... the F.U.L.L.N.E.S.S. of the coming season is here.

One of my goals this year has been to cut out the word "busy" from my vocabulary.  Have you noticed what happens when we begin a conversation with the word, busy?  Here's how it might unfold...

We run into a friend at the Mall..
Oh my goodness, it's so good to see you.  
and it's great to see you, too.  I've been meaning to check in with you, but I've been so busy.  Let's get together for coffee... soon.
Then you think, but, for sure don't say aloud...
I understand, friend.  Even now, you have a mission to accomplish.  Coffee probably won't happen.


Your phone rings... and your screen reveals your friend calling - love that sweet friend, but you remember she called two weeks ago and asked that you return her call... no hurry, just whenever you have time.  Truth is... you've been so busy, you haven't had a chance to call. 
Better let that call head on to voice mail.  Maybe you'll call her on the way home.

And, there's one other thing about the response of "I've been so busy..."  Instantly your, well - my responsibility is absolved.  It's okay, we respond, when we are the recipient of the busier friend... no big deal.  And here's why we respond with, it's okay.... because we are also "so busy".

So... let's make a deal  😏

 As we look ahead to the next 8 weeks - a time of thanksgiving and gratitude and a time of celebration of the birth of our Savior, will you join me in avoiding just "busy" and agreeing to those things, those activities, those traditions that are determined from a posture of intentionality.

If your best intentionality comes through a list, start making it tonight.  Maybe you make this list, then take some time to pray through each item/event on the list... then even begin crossing off a few unnecessary things.

So this evening... I'm looking so very forward to having lunch with a couple of sweet ladies that we've talked about/thought about and have been too busy to gather for months.  

I'll see you at noon tomorrow,  friends!  Looking forward to seeing you!

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