And they'll know we are Christians...

When I was in high school, our church youth choir often sang those words,

We are one in the Spirit,
we are one in the Lord,
we are one the Spirit , 
we are one in the Lord,
and we pray that all unity may one day be restored,
and they'll know we are Christians by our love...

Not too long ago, I hung up the phone with a disgusted sigh.. well, maybe it wasn't exactly a sigh... maybe it was an extremely unladylike grunt!  It was only a cell phone, so the real frustration that we felt back in the day when we could actually slam the phone down on the hook would have been much more effective in addressing my aggravation. 

In my defense can I just tell you I was RIGHT!  This was my third call to the Collection Agency - we had paid this bill in full months ago.  Somehow there had been a breakdown in communication as the doctor's office agreed with me that there was no outstanding balance.  From the second phone conversation, I was assured that the mistake had been noted and would be corrected - no further action required on my part.  But... here we were a month later with me holding the same accusatory letter requiring my immediate response and action.  In my rational mind, I do realize that this is form letter received by many... not just me.  BUT, remember, I was RIGHT - I didn't "deserve" that particular form letter - I had done my part; I had completed the paperwork.  I HAD PAID THE BILL! 

I had taken a deep breath before I even dialed.  The young man on the other end was just not getting it.  No matter how I explained it, his screen did not agree with my information, therefore I must surely be mistaken.  I realized my words and my tone were escalating...and rightly so, he must just not be hearing me correctly, so I needed to speak with firmness, clarity, and a bit more volume.  We left the conversation unresolved, but with a plan of action to "investigate" the matter.

Please don't hear me say, we as Christians are to be that proverbial "doormat" that we often agree is unacceptable.  As I plopped down on the couch truly fuming with frustration, that song I mentioned above came to mind.  I hadn't heard, sung or thought of that song in [gulp] over 20 years.  Did he know I was a Christian?  It was my own little moment of conviction.  I had not screamed at him or spoken words that would not be allowed in my house, but I don't believe he left the conversation sharing with his co-worker in the cubicle next door, "I just spoke with the kindest lady who is trying to resolve a mistake that has been made."  Reasonably sure that wasn't his take away...

I seem to be much more aware lately of own my demeanor... when the line to check out is too long... when the person in front of me in the "15 item" lane has... oh, maybe 57 items, when the baby next to us in the restaurant is making a not-so-joyful noise... you get the picture.

Cinderella sang... "In my own little corner, in  own little world, I can be whatever I want to be..."  My thinking lately has reminded me that in my own little corner of this world, I want to be known by WHOSE I am.... I am a daughter of the Creator of the Universe, the King of Kings, the Beginning and the End.  In my own little corner, with HIS constant help, I want people to know I'm a Christian by my words, by my actions, by my love...

Do you think I just might be able to get to that same cubicle with a phone call.  Hmmmm...

"So now I am giving you a new commandment:  Love each other.  Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.  Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples"  John 13:34-35


  1. Dearest Susan, You are so right. I find myself slowing way down and recognizing the truly important moments in each day (probably comes with age). Sometimes I even try to remember what irritated me yesterday and I can't remember. Which just goes to show it wasn't important at all. I know you are doing a wonderful job of modeling our Creator for your entire family. Sending love, Jill

  2. Love your heart and love you, Jill!!!