Marshmallow War...tradition!

Traditions are interesting in our family.  Some we tried to plan for and protect, some just happened, some weren't intended to be "forever" traditions, but our children insisted on their continuance.
The holiday season offers a great opportunity to build new traditions and celebrate old ones.
As our family grows, we know the reality of flexibility in scheduling - the only constant is that things will change.

When our kids were all at home, one fun tradition for us was that we allowed them to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  Keep in mind, Frank and I always chose which present they could open.  For years we watched as the girls "got it"... knowing the chosen gift was Christmas pajamas.  Somehow... Clay just didn't get it - every year we giggled as he ripped open the package and with a look of disappointment, uttered, "Ugh!  Pajamas, AGAIN!!??"

One of my favorite "tradition" memories is the Marshmallow War Christmas morning.  At the encouragement of a friend, I bought and wrapped marshmallow guns for everyone in the family.  Our Christmas morning still starts early, so at 6:00 am everyone unwrapped their gun which included a bag of marshmallows.  The war began, marshmallows flew everywhere, giggles exploded.  Within 20 minutes, the bags of marshmallows covered our entire house.  Every step taken landed on a pile of marshmallows!!!  It was the best time!!
A few of the warriors

I encourage you to remember traditions that you had a child and share those memories with your own children.  Start a new tradition - as a family, bless another family with a batch of cookies or just a visit to an older friend.
Give this one a try... on Christmas Eve, make some yummy hot chocolate, some Christmas cookies, then gather your family together around your tree and read the story from Luke 2.  If your children are young, read it from a Children's version of the Bible. 

 Celebrate HIS birth!!

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