Are you watching, Mommy???

Clay, our fourth born and only boy, has much to say.  His donut proclamation came about 12 years ago as we met at 5:00 am with a group of friends before heading to the beach. (Why are we surprised that Kellie is getting married at the beach - it is, thankfully, in our blood!)  And yes, that is a turtle he is holding... 

Growing up in a house with 3 sisters taught him that either you edged your way in to the conversation, or you got totally wedged out.  Many afternoons, after his nap and before the girls came home from school, Clay and I would spend extended time outside throwing a ball, creating adventures with his best friend, Devon, and always swinging on his beloved swing set.  I was always outside with Clay at that age... Keep in mind his rambunctious mischievous personality - it was in my best interest to keep my eye firmly planted on him.  He was always glad for me to be around, but especially glad when he was swinging.  It took him a while to get the concept of "pumping" his chubby little legs in order to keep his swing flying high... But I remember the day well, when he figured it out... no more pushing me, Mom!  I remember thinking, 'okay, this is great, I can at least walk to the deck or around to the front yard for a minute'. WRONG!  Once Clay learned to swing, his words did change from "Push me, Mommy, to WATCH ME, Mommy."  

If he thought for a moment that my eyes were not fully fixed on him, he would softly whisper, "Are you watching, Mom?"  If my response wasn't immediate, he would begin to chant louder and louder, "Are you watching, Mom... ARE you watching, MOM... ARE YOU watching, MOM.... ARE YOU WATCHING, MOM... then, in another moment.. 


I was watching, I WAS watching, I NEVER stopped watching - Hmmm..  It took me a while to get it... We, moms, are famous (with necessity, I might add) for our uncanny ability to multi-task.  What I finally realized is that Clay didn't just want my words telling him I was watching... he wanted my eyes... with my eyes fully, not partially, not with distraction trying to read a book or the paper, not writing, not mowing the grass with an occasional glance in his direction, not on the phone with a friend.... you understand, my FULL attention.  Okay, so I get it - the same way I want my husband, my friend at lunch, my daughter to listen with FULL attention.

Oh, sweet friends, don't you just hear your Heavenly Father gently reminding you to simply,

  "Fix your eyes on ME, the Author and Perfecter of you faith."

Our distractions in this life are many, but HIS desire is simply for us to sit in HIS presence.  It's certainly not a new message, but one that deserves our remembrance.  Young mommas, I know how precious and how fleeting your time is right now, but can I just encourage you to put in it your daily schedule - the first 15 minutes of naptime, the last 15 minutes of the day (even in exhaustion), try, just try, to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier... He IS your Rock, your Strength, He is holding you by your right hand!   Let's be honest, there were times when I became exasperated with Clay - just give me a minute.  HE will NOT become impatient with you - HE will simply continue to wait beckoning you with gentleness! 

When I honored Clay's request and gave him my undivided attention, I was blessed by his precious expression as he fully embraced the wind in his face - I would have missed the quiet priceless giggle that came as he touched the sky with his toes.  

Wanna swing, anyone?

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  1. So true in so many relationships. Small things we take for granted!